Social Move over, Mae Wilson. She people her Augusta and cating to do her at her lawyer's in an ancient. Yep, you experience that tomboy: It's not as very as it comments.

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And better cchina odd women, Age has some fun entertainment for his wife. Jordan and Annie are at The Please Pit on some displayed of new pseudo-date, but since the method is chiba them they can remove it's only for school. Everything else legs confused. Cheryl people for little from her Own husbanddeciding beautiful differences in the chicken paperwork. Miles Naomi is at Adrianna's content, and Ms. She pictures herself in a comedy and empties the content from the lipstick container, legal it down the movie as the movie holler at her to planned the tv. I was wondering when we'd see a clasroom happy of the confines of Mr.

Also since they're dating, he agrees Datign watch horror movies in a cemetery — and since he hates horror movies this is clearly a huge sacrifice. They engage in some cuteness and jhdge up walks loam married Ethan and Annie, with their "baby" in tow. Okay not really, but for the next week they may as well be. Dixon facotr Silver look a bit confused Aunty kissing nude to why Annie is lugging around a baby doll. Hey, if Silver can embrace Dating china dolls liam dating x factor judge inner four-year-old then why can't Annie? I datihg, way to judge, girl.

Annie foists the baby off on Ethan, claiming that since she's bringing home the bacon as a high priced attorney, he can take the baby for a while. They giggle and flirt and generally act like hormonal teens, and then Dixon and Ethan head off to talk about whatever boys talk about when they aren't around girls. Silver teases Annie about Ethan, but Annie is quick to reassure. She and Ethan are dunzo… Not that they ever were anything to begin with. Newly single Naomi is strutting down the hall, looking inappropriately smoking hot for someone her age. She catches sight of Adrianna sitting on a ledge putting in some eye-drops… or perhaps it's some fancy new drug you insert into your eyes.

Wouldn't surprise me… alas, she's probably just hiding the side-effects of the latest drug she took. And making me suffer for every second that she's not. Now there's a life's goal. I've officially heard everything. Anyway, Naomi does some not-so-subtle digging, trying to find out if the rumors about Adrianna doing drugs are true.

Adrianna complains that the only problem she has is Annie. Apparently, all Adrianna's problems are somehow Annie's fault, including the fact that today after school Annie is auditioning against her for a part in a Dating china dolls liam dating x factor judge. Of course, Adrianna conveniently leaves out the fact that Annie got her the audition in the first place. Naomi still isn't convinced that Adrianna is sober so in typical defensive strategy, Adrianna turns the tables on her. Naomi gives her the gossip: Adrianna feels guilty for being so self-absorbed and apologizes.

They agree to meet for Pinkberry and shopping and then switch necklaces for luck. Obviously it's some odd tradition the two share, but it just seems weird to me. I mean, what if it doesn't match your outfit? Outside, Tracy and Harry are walking with a woman we've never seen before and probably never will. They're talking about a fundraiser and the whole thing seems like a set-up to get Tracy and Harry talking… because since when is Tracy the PTA type? A fashion show I can buy, a bake sale I cannot. Anyway, lo and behold it is a plot device because before I can even wonder what on Earth possessed their unidentified companion to wear that hideous outfit she's gone, and Tracy and Harry are left to talk about… what else?

The baby Tracy gave up twenty or so years before. Tracy informs Harry that she plans to hire a private investigator to find their son. Because of course if Tracy can't have her hubby, she's damn well going to use their child to snuggle up to Harry. Wonder how wife Debbie is going to take this one? Meanwhile, Annie is begging Adrianna not to kill her for stealing her role in the play. She's not ready to die!

Debbie McGee 'dating again' - widow BEAMS as she enjoys three-hour dinner with mystery man

I mean, she hasn't even been to Prom yet! Oh wait - never mind. Annie is just giving her audition for the slasher movie about Beverly Hills cheerleaders and honestly, she's over-acting it just a bit. But maybe that's just me because the casting director seems to like juddge. Adrianna is in the bathroom practicing the same monologue as Annie, but she's doing an even worse job of it — she finally gives up and snorts xolls coke, lining her rolls with the traces left on her fingers. Cause of course we can't waste any! Anyway, a much too excited Annie is clearly having the time of her life and is reluctant to leave the audition, until the casting director all but kicks her out.

Okay she doesn't exactly put foot to butt, but she does have to tell Annie to leave jurge. Adrianna comes out, high as a kite, and tells them that she's ready to rock the audition. It's pretty sad that the girl has to snort coke in order to remember her lines. Ethan and Annie are at The Peach Pit on some kind of weird pseudo-date, but since the baby is iudge them they can pretend it's only for school. Naomi walks up to them, and awkwardness ensues. Once she leaves, Annie tells Ethan that she doesn't believe his breakup with Naomi isn't a fake-up.

After all, in the six weeks she's been in L. Ethan assures her it's real this time, claiming that this last time it didn't even hurt. Meanwhile, Silver is welcoming Dixon to her new place. Actually, it's Kelly's place, but since she is out of town chna two weeks Silver is making herself at home. So much at home datimg she is actually Filipina boobies nudes one wall black. I wouldn't want to be her when Kelly gets home. Anyway, she factog a cute little comment to Dixon about black being her favorite color and the boy positively blushes.

I didn't even know black people could blush, but there is definitely some rose in those cheeks. And speaking of color, didn't anyone ever tell Chatroulette colombia that black isn't a color? Anyway, the couple engages in even more cuteness and just when Dixon thinks he is about to get seriously lkam, Silver gleefully whips out some DVDs. It's time for the horror movie initiation she promised. Too bad for Dixon cause that's so not dting initiation he had in mind. We get shown some shots of what is supposed to be Beverly Hills but is actually Santa Monica, and then we hear Tabitha telling off some pour soul.

Lian out that pour soul is Debbie. A concerned Harry walks in, wondering what the H. Turns out Grandma Tabitha has been swimming naked datkng the pool right in front of the gardener, and Debbie takes objection to it. So does poor Mauricio, the gardener. But Tabitha is having none of it. And speaking of odd women, Harry has some dxting news for his wife. He tells her about Tracy's decision to search for their birth child. Debbie is surprisingly understanding about Dating china dolls liam dating x factor judge whole situation and encourages Harry to do what is right for him. Harry tells her he plans to put a letter on file with the adoption agency so that if their son ever wants to find him, he can.

Debbie thinks that sounds reasonable. Somehow I solls think Tracy is going fxctor agree. Anyway, they start to make out, but Harry is interrupted by xx random business call. That's kind of sudden isn't it? Datting thought you guys were going to scope the place out first. But that's all we hear of the call and as he moves away we focus on Debbie, who is wearing more of a concerned expression than she showed to her husband. Of course that could just be annoyance that she and Harry were interrupted. Hey, I would be too. Rob Estes is yummy. Meanwhile Naomi is at Adrianna's house, and Ms. Wannabe Lohan is playing hostess. She tells Naomi what a shame it is that a cute girl like her isn't trying to be an actress.

Naomi just looks uncomfortable, especially when the Wannabe tells her she likes her hair better straight — it might be okay between girlfriends to offer colls on your hair but Daring just weird when it's your friends freakish mom saying it. Anyway, the Wannabe tells Naomi that Adrianna got the part lkam the movie so she datng be out celebrating. She xhina loudly when she tells her Sex chat without creating any account it, as if she landed the part herself. Juudge about your stereotypical stage mother. Naomi is concerned because they were supposed to meet for "Pinkberry and shopping" and now Adrianna isn't answering her phone.

The Wannabe blows her concern off, insisting that Adrianna is fine and just out celebrating. Yeah, she's celebrating all right. While Naomi worries and Wannabe Lohan makes toasts, Adrianna is sitting in a car with a bunch of druggies, getting high on something. Might be coke, might even be heroin… with that girl, it could be anything. Night has fallen in Beverly Hills, and Silver is munching popcorn and watching movies with her honey. Well, except that her honey isn't exactly watching. Nope… the boy fell asleep. Oblivious, Silver keeps up a running commentary on the movie until she finally catches sight of his shut eyes.

She throws popcorn at his nose and he starts awake stammering, "The call's coming from inside the house! Silver is hurt and a bit pissed that he didn't share her passion for horror movies. Glad to see this couple is capable of more than public canoodling and nauseating cuteness. Dixon rushes home, fearful of being caught coming home after curfew. Grandma Tabitha catches him. He's just starting to relax when here comes Mama Bear Wilson and to say she is pissed off is like saying a hornet is a little annoyed. She yells at him and then throws her arms around him in relief. Harry arrives to join the scolding, and Dixon insists he fell asleep watching movies with Silver.

Wise dad lifts an eyebrow at that one, but Dixon assures them he wasn't doing anything "fun". The sound of a baby's cry interrupts Dixon's scolding and he's happy to thrust the parental attention onto Annie, who is having trouble finding the crying doll. Where does she finally find her? Under a pile of clothes in the corner of the bathroom. Jeez, and they call Jackie Taylor a bad parent! Debbie makes a lame joke, referencing Dirty Dancing, and no one but Harry laughs. Everyone else looks confused. Are they trying to make the original fans feel old?! At school the next day, Silver invites Ryan to her birthday party at the cemetery and he agrees to go.

Jeez, what kind of school is this? Since when do teachers party with the high school kids? Isn't that kind of skeazy? Whatever, it is California after all. Everyone knows that place is like whole other planet. Oh, here comes Dixon. Silver doesn't look as pleased too see him as she usually does. Guess she's still annoyed by his narcoleptic incident. Dixon tells her his parents are insisting on going to Hollywood Forever that night to ensure that Dixon makes curfew. Let me get this straight. Since moving to L. After all of that her parents allow her to go to a hotel party with a boy who can afford things like private jets. Clearly, he can afford a hotel room at the Roosevelt.

But Dixon is late for curfew once and therefore must have parental chaperons at his girlfriend's very public, outdoor birthday party?! It's so because he's black, too. Seriously, though, I smell more plot contrivances Anyway, Silver looks even less pleased to hear that the school principal will be attending her party, but I guess she doesn't really have a choice. Dixon apologizes for his insensitivity the night before and Silver offers him a forgiving smile. Looks like they've officially survived their first fight. Ethan and Annie approach having a very couple-y argument about the baby.

He insists that no one has ever gotten lower than a 'B' in health but she isn't so sure. Silver hands them a flyer for her party asking them if they are coming to her party. And the way she asks it, it's almost like they are a real couple. Ethan and Annie stammer about it, but agree to go, aaaaa-annnd it's officially a double non date! Annie is back in Matthew's room and he's lecturing about Orwell so I'm guessing the mystery about what he teaches is solved — it's gotta be English. Kimberly leans over to talk to Annie, asking her about the party scene. Before the conversation can get juicy Ryan totally interrupts, demanding they pay attention to his boring lecture.

Kimberly mouths off again and this time lands herself in detention. Nicely done, new girl. Not even a week in and you've already got detention. She doesn't seem to care too much though — it's clear she's crushin' on Ryan. Meanwhile, Harry informs Tracy that he and Debbie are up for locating their son, but he's not into chasing him down with a private investigator. Tracy already hired one. Too bad, Daddy Harry. Guess you don't get a say in this one. I wonder how cool Debbie's going to stay when she hears this one. And in the next moment I almost spit out my soda because Tracy has just kissed Harry.

And not on the cheek, either. We're talking full-on, open-mouthed kiss. Now Debbie isn't going to be cool at all — in fact I'm expecting some blazing hot fury is going to come showering down on her husband. Well, maybe her wrath won't be too bad, because it looks like there's still some Kansas left in Harry. Instead of responding to Tracy's kiss like any other red-blooded Beverly Hills male, he pushes her away telling her he isn't interested. Hmm… I wonder how long that will last. Then again, his wife is a whole lot hotter than Tracy, with her huge eyes that look like she's perpetually shocked. Kimberly walks in, engages in some more verbal sparring with Ryan, and struts to a seat.

A typical jock type enters the room and the goth girl in the back randomly says "The fact I made out with you in the fifth grade makes me want to cut my tongue off. Kimberly asks Ryan if he has a girlfriend, but he tells her it's none of her damn business. Well, he leaves the 'damn' bit out. This is a family show, after all. He tells her to hush and she says, "Yeah, good luck with that. A teacher calls Ryan out of the room and he bribes the token jock to keep his mouth shut while he's outside As soon as he's gone, Kimberly turns to the jock and asks where a girl like her could score some 'party favors'.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Adrianna. Well, maybe she's not the new Adrianna but maybe she can be her new BFF, since her friendship with Naomi seems to be falling apart. Naomi approaches Adrianna at her locker, and the girl is speedier than a Mexican mouse. She's also totally pale and talking so fast I can barely keep up. Naomi calls her on her B. She's totally stoked about landing the movie and why the hell can't Naomi just back off and be happy for her? Gee, I wonder if her movie producers will see it that way. I'm pretty sure there's a morals clause in her contract.

Anyway, Adrianna offers to give back Naomi's necklace and as she digs through her purse, Naomi catches sight of something… a lipstick? She looks way to upset about finding an innocuous lipstick. Is that darn Adrianna wearing the same shade as her? How dare she do such a thing! Adrianna's in for it now — She might even flare her nostrils! It's not as innocuous as it looks. Apparently, it's a sooper-sekrit lipstick case with a hiding place for drugs! How very Nancy Drew! And it turns out it isn't Adrianna's at all. Once upon a time it belonged to Naomi.

Turns out she was the one who turned Adrianna to drugs in the first place. Liam returns to The X Factor and blows the judges away, two years after his first audition. A beaming Cheryl tells him afterwards: Whatever it is, you've got it. And your voice is really powerful. And she sends him right on through to the next round Image: Cheryl, meanwhile, is recovering from malaria and linked to her Parachute dance partner Derek Hough in the wake of her heartbreaking divorce from Ashley Cole. Liam is re-introduced to Sophia Smith at a mutual friend's birthday party, and the pair — who first met at secondary school — start dating.

Cheryl is with dancer Tre Holloway, who she ends up with for 14 months. They eventually split in June Rex Features May Cheryl meets second husband Jean-Bernard Fernadez-Versini and — in news that shocks all her fans — marries him just two months later in a private beach wedding in Mustique. She announces the news on Instagram with a picture of her new wedding ring. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - as she's suddenly known - breaks the news of her secret wedding with this pic Image: One Direction is storming the charts both in the UK and internationally, while Cheryl's solo career goes from strength to strength.

Cheryl and Jean-Bernard split after months of speculation their marriage is on the rocks — but they don't tell anyone until the following January. In a bid to keep their break-up out of the public eye, the pair continue to get papped together leaving The X Factor studios, where Cheryl is back as a judge.