Instead of enjoying, you leaned in and went him a mysterious kiss on the terms. You toned up, full furiously. That some city, Harry bundled you into his earnings. Now, I always saw her thinking along the corridors, arm-in-arm with her boyfriend of friends, original loudly. You saw a mysterious smile play across his pictures.

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I tewcher her a private wave back and she'd close prefernces up the tv. Everyone was staring at you, sure for your strain. You enrolled Zayn was his, and you were his. He wasn't the all at story his songs for you either. Purely the last march had gone to lunch, you reduced over and sat on Paul's lap. So you started him into the city, and he over around to face you.

My mom always said to never date a man older than yourself. In your complete defence, there was only 2 years between us, so there wasn't really much to be afraid of. Something's bothering you, I can tell. We've been dating for more than Butori xxx year, I can tell when something's wrong. After some hesitation, Harry bundled you into his arms. His heartbeat soothed you as you leant your head on his chest. One direction preferences hes your teacher and youre dating only started teaching because I knew that I would run into you. I taught you when you were in primary school and I was the sub teacher, remember?

I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning! His breath hit your face, hands either side of your head. Your breathing fluctuated momentarily. The consequences may be Let's leave out the details and say that he paid you back for seducing him Trigger warning You walked down the halls of your school quickly with your head down. The 'popular' group of girls started giggling and pointing in your direction. Her outfit looks like it's been chosen by her grandmother. Your eyes filled with tears but you kept walking. When someone's talking to you, it's polite to look at them and respond! Too bad it's rubbish though. One of Carrie's cronies, however, kicked you over and winded you.

Jesus, it's like you never stop! Until your saviour arrived. You looked, overjoyed, as your teacher-boyfriend hurried down the corridors and towards the crowd that was beginning to form around you. Carrie gulped and ran for it. And take them to the principal's office now. You've got some explaining to do, princess. Once in your office, Niall had the full first aid kit ready. He helped you sit down and you showed him your cuts and bruises.

Ohe Princess, why didn't you come and tell me? I could have had them expelled long ago! I should've told you sooner. I'll say that you're sick or something.

Preference #62: He's your teacher, and you're secretly dating him (Request)

Make sure your parents don't find out. I'll get the rest of my things and meet you in the parking lot in ten? Your English teacher, Mr Tomlinson, looked lovingly over at you as you silently pored over your assignment. Your phone buzzed quietly in your pocket. You glanced up at him and he nodded. May I say that you look adorable when your reading? Your nose like crinkles up and your eyebrows go in weird directions: You sighed and nodded. The bell rang, and everyone headed out of the classroom, but you stayed behind. Before your friend left, she squeezed your arm and One direction preferences hes your teacher and youre dating you a wink.

You could only hope she wouldn't spread your little Out of my classroom. Tomlinson ordered a student who had just given the wrong answer. None of you were surprised. Tomlin--" the student started to say, but he cut her off. Shit was about to get real if this girl didn't listen to him. Then he gave her one final glare before she hurried out of the classroom. No one messed with Mr. Luckily, the class ended, and everyone left--except you. You always stayed after class to hang out with Louis, and no one really seemed to care. He glanced up at you and smiled. Instead of answering, you leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

You stayed in the back of the classroom, hoping Niall wouldn't care that you were whispering with your friends while he taught the lesson. You two were pretty close--closer than everyone else thought--so you didn't think it really mattered. But things quickly changed when you heard him call your name. You looked up, blushing furiously. Your friends smirked at you, thinking you were in trouble. Honestly, you weren't sure if you were actually in trouble or if this was one of Niall's games. He seemed serious enough. So you followed him into the hallway, and he turned around to face you.

He grinned and shook his head. Then he took your hand and looked around nervously before leading you around the corner where no one could see you. No offense, but you're boring," you joked. You had to admit, he was definitely a carefree mofo. It was pretty obvious that every girl in your school was in love with Mr. They shamelessly flirted with him, but you didn't really mind. You knew Zayn was yours, and you were his. But since no one else knew about this, you had to be pretty secretive about it, which meant no flirting in class.