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She showed me a room and while we were in the room she sat on the bed. So I sat on the bed right next to her. The next step is — believe it or not — act like you are having a bad time with the Vietnam lifestyle. You are supposed to be here long term, but because you are so-adjusted to the comforts of 1st-world living, you are on the edge of bailing out and calling it quits. The partially-invested girl will immediately view herself as the anchor, determined to keep you locked in and overcompensating to provide for you in the coming days.

She will twist and turn every which way to convince you to stay, and it is your job to insinuate to her that a good fuck would be the only way to keep you in town. Do this by repeating portions of sentences the girls say to one another, or to the waitress, or whomever. Use Strictly Direct Game One thing I find unique about conservative Vietnamese women, is that unlike other SEAsians, they do not beat around the bush at all when it comes to getting romantically involved with you. In fact, they look at foreigners as nothing more than romantic prospects.

Overstate how much you like her and show your sexual abundance. During your dates however, be on the lookout for a few signs: At the same time, be wary of girls that are openly suggestive and slutty right off the bat — they probably do that with every guy, and will leave you at the drop of a hat if you fuck your game up for the line of other men she has seduced. Follow the 5 rules outlined above, remember that foundational rule when it comes to these types of Vietnamese women is that you will have to blow through many, many conservative girls to find one that will fuck you.

The biggest challenge is having the strength to toss aside girls that refuse to escalate, no matter how sorry they try to make you feel. Have standards, and you will own.